Seriously, any company that writes me an email with the subject line MOOO!!! has to be cool, right.

So on the recommendation of a fellow beauty fiend, I jumped onto moogoo and went a little nuts ordering stuff. Moogoo is a small skin care company based in Queensland that makes beautiful all natural products. Originally developing product for keeping cows udders in great shape for their twice-daily milkings, they have taken all their lovely creamy knowledge and applied it to human skin so that we too can be as soft as udders.

Incidentally, I ordered the Udder Cream and my legs have never been softer. And I smell like a baby too! The udder cream has an ingredient called MSM in it, which is incredibly calming to the skin and perfect for people who have problems with psoriasis, raw, flaky, itchy or dry skin. I really think this is going to save my skin through winter, when you go from cold and windy to dry and air conditiony all day. Eww, I shudder just thinking about it.

I also bought the Double Cream Anti-Ageing Face Cream, which smells like donuts. I love the fact that every single ingredient they use is detailed on the label so you know exactly what you are putting onto your precious face. Time will tell if it reverses the effect of my sun damage, but in the meantime it feels real nice and my skin looks good so I’m happy.

My final purchase was Edible Lip Balm. I have always always been a very dedicated Chapstick girl. Nothing else ever keeps my lips moisturised and soft the way Chapstick does (only strawberry, or raspberry if I’m in America). But gosh and golly the Cow Lick Lip Balm has kept my smackers in tip top condition since I started using it. I swear I am even applying it less than I used to apply my chapstick too.

My parcel was received very promptly (2 business days, meaning they posted it off the second my money went through) and I was most pleased to find they had thrown in an extra sample of their body wash for me too. Yay! Everyone loves presents. All in all a positive experience wrapped up in some cute cow print labels.

Price: Udder Cream and Face Cream – $24.95; Lip Balm -$4.50; Domestic shipping – $6.90
Why you need it: For pretty skin, great lips and creamy pins. Plus it’s all natural so you know what you’re putting on your body. Moo!

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