Gosh and Golly Olly Molly!

It has been a very busy week in shopping land! So many purchases that I need to review over the weekend, although it’s always hard to review a book until I have actually had a fair crack at it. I picked up the Tom Cruise Unauthorised Biography by Andrew Morton today from Kinokuniya ($45), one of the very few outlets in Australia that was able to get it in stock, and I’m really looking forward to sinking my teeth into it over the weekend. After all the press coverage that Cruise and his wacky band of Scientologists have gotten this week, I’m not sure what I’m expecting but I have no doubt it will be amusing. As GWAS rightly points out, one of Australia’s biggest media players is himself a Scientologist and close friend of Cruise, so Channel Nine and all of the ACP stable wont be giving this much, if any, media coverage. But that’s ok, I prefer to make up my own mind about things anyway.

Speaking of books, I ordered Style A to Zoe by Rachel Zoe and The Little Black Book Of Style by Nina Garcia about 2 months ago from Amazon and they have been sitting on my desk just crying out to be loved ever since. Even my 2 weeks off over Christmas didn’t leave me enough time to tackle them, which makes me a very sad panda. Again, best of intentions for this weekend. In reality I have to work over the weekend thanks to a horrible ugly deadline, but I’ll do my best.

In less complicated purchases, someone very special has a birthday coming up (you know her, totally hot brunette with big cans) so we are having a party! And we all know party is just another word for cocktail. I picked up an Urban Thirst Pina Colada Slush cocktail in a bucket today, which is a big plastic bucket that you fill up with the mixture, add rum and freeze. Instant fun! Of course no cocktail is complete without a little umbrella on the side, so I grabbed those too. Best bit…sale! Hooray for Freedom and their post-Christmas clearance.

Price: cocktail – $12.95; umbrellas – $5.95 both on sale!
From: Freedom Furniture
Why you need it: Do you seriously need an excuse to have a cocktail?

While I was hanging around Freedom I also made probably my coolest impulse purchase this week…a collection of 7 photo frames in various sizes to hang on our feature wall behind the dining table. I love that whole ‘casual black and white shots artfully grouped in matching photo frames’, and these are really beautiful glossy black frames with lovely detailing on them. If only I had some decent photos. Thankfully they come with cool pictures in there already so I’m just going to pretend the girls in the photos are my housemate and I and just hang them anyway. Lame, no?

Price: $49.95 (and they also come in cream…I made the girl I sit next to buy them)
From: Freedom Furniture
Why you need them: So you look cool and chic, with purposeful “art” on your walls.

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