Twinkle twinkle little house…

So…my Christmas lights went up today. See that picture to the right? Yeah, I totally rocked that. My house looks awesome*. I’m sure we will add more because it’s just not enough yet, but for now I can go outside and feel like I’m in a winter wonderland without needing my sunglasses. I LOVE Christmas lights. They are probably one of my highlights of the holiday season (along with all the extra shopping trips, naturally).

I had every intention of heading down to Bunnings on the weekend to grab my lights but…you know…Bunnings. I did however go to Bondi Westfield and struck electric gold in Hot Dollar. Those junky stores are a veritable treasure trove of random bits and pieces – I bought some really awesome brightly coloured bottles in there that I keep in the fridge full of cold water. Tres fun.

So I grabbed a string of the plain bulbs (traditional lightbulb coloured – none of this LED stuff, we are not a bluelight disco) which are wrapped nicely around the railing on the balcony. I also got a string of icicle lights (the dangly ones, for those of you who don’t speak ‘light’) which sway gently in the breeze as they give off their festive goodness. I would tell you what brand they are, but I don’t actually know! They come in a red box that says Do It Yourself Low Voltage Installation, but there are no contact details AT ALL anywhere on the box or instruction sheet *shrug*. Not very helpful am I. Pop down to your local Hot Dollar and check it out yourself. I’m going back this weekend to pick up the hanging stars!

Also, if you want your lights to actually stay up, I recommend Scotch Transparent Duct Tape. It’s clear which means you don’t have ugly silver duct tape everywhere (ruins the mojo), but it holds really well. Works a treat for those of you who, like me, don’t have gutters and therefore can’t use those cool little gutter clips.

Price: $26.99 for both kinds of lights. $4.99 for the small role of duct tape.
From: Hot Dollar for the lights, K-Mart for the duct tape
Why you need it: So that you too can win the best balcony competition in your apartment complex!

* I may or may not be lying**

** Ok, I am definitely lying. I live in an apartment.

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