No, I did it myself. Yes, I am amazing.

I just realised how egotistical I can sound sometimes. Anyway.

Working in a company surrounded by fashion mavens and beauty queens can be quite intimidating at times. I recall not long after I started there someone commented on my nail polish, noting we were wearing the same shade. I chuckled, saying mine was a $5 Revlon job from Priceline and she got quite defensive because hers was O.P.I, done at the salon naturally.

Now, I have commented before on what a make-up retard I am, but one thing I do well is nails. I have always had very strong, perfectly shaped and buffed nails. Thanks Mum (limp hair, but great nails…fair trade off?). I am forever getting compliments on my lovely manicures, and asked whether the girl in our company salon did them, which is a huge compliment since the beauty therapist in question in one of Australia’s top nail designers. Yes, our company has its own beauty salon.

But the point of this post wasn’t to talk about how great I am. I have been asked a lot about two nail polish colours in particular lately, which are worthy of their very own entry and the praise I am going to heap on them.

My absolute colour of the season, and this is a big call, is Coral Reef (pictured – kind of blurry but you get the idea). It’s a beautiful soft coral colour that is sherbet-y and delicious and looks fantastic with everything. It’s grown up yet fun and very girly.

Runner up in the colour of the season category is Disco, which is the best fluorescent pink nail polish on. the. planet. It was my colour of the season a couple of months a go, but Supre has kind of ruined fluoro for me now and I don’t want to look like a 15 year old clone. Same goes for black nail polish.

Honourable mentions are Gilbert Grapefruit – also a fluoro, but a delightful shade of electric purple which looks very hot on toenails, and Futuristic – a very posh silver for when you want to channel Josh Goot and go all cyber-sporty.

The very best part of this conversation? They are all from Sportsgirl. That means that each little bottle will only set you back $7.95. That’s minimal clams for maximum fun!

I will also mention that I have found the most vampy red polish on the planet. Fast Track from kit cosmetics. Comes with a matching lip gloss, but you don’t really want to ruin a good thing, do you?

Price: $7.95 for the sportsgirl polishes, $15.95 for the kit polish
From: Sportsgirl and kit. For like the hundredth time. Are you not getting it?
Why you need it: So you’re the hottest kitten with the prettiest claws this summer.

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