Look Ma, fat hair!

I have limp hair. Flat, thin and lifeless. Very ‘nothing’ kind of hair – thanks Mum. Every time I go to see my hairdresser the conversation usually starts something like this…

Hairdresser: So what are we doing this time?

Me: Oh, I don’t know. My hair is so limp and lifeless, can we make it look like it has some body? And a no effort cut please. I really hate having to try and style my hair.

My super awesome hairdresser than goes on to give me a fab cut (she be a smart cookie) and I look amazing when I leave the salon. This usually lasts about 24 hours and then I have to wash it myself and…well…limp.

I have tried every plumping and texturising product on the market. Mousee on the roots, blow drying my hair upside down (not an easy feat), 47 different kinds of sea salt spray…the list goes on. So when my hairdresser used the kms California Add Volume Root and Body Lift, naturally my hair looked amazing that day but I figured it would go the same route (route…root…get it?!) as every other product I had every tried on my hair. But I bought it anyway.

I am pleased to report I was wrong. It’s a delightful mousse spray which is eucalyptus and cinnamon, and smells like Throaties (the gummy kind, not the hard sucking kind). Spray in, rub through, blow dry and BAM! It actually looks like I have body in my hair. And a spray is so easy to use that even a dummy like me can handle it.

Price: $20-$26, depending on where you buy it
From: Salons
Why you need it: To give your hair some luscious body! Woo!

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