I doff my hat to you good sir

Being off work sick (stress related, no less) means extra time for shopping!! In between appointments today, I hit the shops with the intention of getting those last few pesky presents (always a good excuse) but, as to be expected, only walked out with stuff for me.

I have been looking for a fedora for weeks. Not your usual fedora, more trilby I guess. Woven and casual and perfect for summer. Less Dick Tracy, more Justin Timberlake. So my hunt has taken me to Myer on a number of occasions, David Jones, General Pants, Sportsgirl. Incidentally, my sister is getting an adorable trilby from Sportsgirl with a multi-coloured woven band on it for Christmas. But this isn’t about her, it’s about me.

So I wandered into Target today because a friend had told me they were having a massive shoe sale and I’m looking for some cheap and cheerfuls for an event we are going to on Friday night (health pending). Lo and behold, I found her. No, not my friend silly, the trilby of my dreams. She’s a dapper little woven number with a thin snake skin band around her. Sure, she had a garish and unsightly snake skin bow on the side, with these weird little coin things hanging off it. But that’s ok, because they were ripped off before we even left the store. I love her and, even though I am sick, I haven’t taken her off my head since I got home. Nothing cheers you up like a fun new purchase!

Price: $16.99 – hello, bargain!
Where: Target
Why you need it: To look cool for summer, like me. In fact, that’s me in the picture. Don’t I look awesome?!

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