Bite Me, big boy!

So many purchases to talk about, but my gosh I need to tell you about one of my new loves…Bite Me Burger. This funky little burger joint is on Oxford St in Paddo (the epicentre of all things “cool and hip”) and they make eating fun. Well, at least, eating was fun for me today. They rock an awesome menu, with such items as The Beef Encounter, The Wagyu Truffle, Vegetari Anne and Pluck Me. These burgers are BIG, so if you’re like me and wouldn’t have a hope in hell of making it through one, then go for the Minibites. Mini versions of their burgers. Seriously! The first time I went there I tried to take photos of my meal with my camera phone. Incidentally I failed, but this post isn’t about my incompetence and lack of coordination. It’s about burgers.

My favourite part? The fries come in a miniature shopping trolley. I’m such a sucker for a gimmick so this won me over big time. Team your mini burgers with a mini shopping trolley full of fries and you may as well just declare a Festival of Cute. My only gripe is the mini sized drinks, because you need more than a 250ml Coke to wash down these bad boys. Granted they are in the cute mini glass bottles, so you can’t begrudge them for keeping in theme. All in all, a well rounded burger experience. My recommendations? The mini Pluck Me and Beef Burgers, finished off with a Pat and Stick’s homemade ice cream sandwich. And try to snag the bench seats at the front window for maximum people watching.

Price: $5 for a Mini Bite through to $29 for the Mega Bite (450g of Terra Rossa beef)
From: Bite Me Burger Co. on Oxford St Paddo (next door to the Paddo Inn) and just opened Campbells Parade Bondi Beach (near Ravesis)
Why you need to go there: For a super amazing burger (or burgers) and fries in a mini shopping trolley. Take your next date there and impress with them with how cool you are.

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