Bag yourself a bargain (pun!)

My first stop on yesterdays sale mission was the delightful Catherine Manuell Design on Crown St Surry Hills. This store is a treasure trove of bright colours and tasty textures, and I was super lucky to have been given a $100 voucher to spend spend spend to my hearts content. Lucky for me everything in the store was on sale!

The first thing I picked up, and probably my most favourite thing, was this sherbert-y tote bag. Perfect for the beach, it’s the right size for a towel, bottle of water, ipod, magazine, wallet, phone and keys. At 20% off, it was also affordable. I would say ‘perfect for a Christmas gift’, but thankfully that ship has sailed for another 300+ days.

Price: $45? No! 20% off = $36
Why you need it: To put your stuff in for the beach. You need to look good when you hit the sand.

That wasn’t all I got at CMD, I also picked up a passport/travel document holder and luggage tag, since I intend to do some more traveling next year (note to self: next purchase = luggage to put said tag on). They are an awesome black and cream hypnotic pattern in a lovely shiny patent, so I will be able to keep all my documents safe and recognise my bag when it comes around on the carousel. How efficient and coordinated is that?!

Price: Tag $9 (SO cheap, and 10% off as well) and Document Holder $35.10 (normally $39)
Why you need them: So you can be the coolest AND most organised person in the terminal.

My lucky last purchase (off a $100 voucher no less, gosh I did well) was a very sexy scarf in light blue/red/white/dark blue which is very nautical and totally in keeping with my current scarf obsession. At a whopping 40% off this was a total steal, and I truly felt like I should have apologised to the girl in the store for walking out with this beautiful piece so darn cheap. I intend to tie it around my head and rock the shit out of it.

Price: $27! Yes, 40% off. Normally $45.
Why you need it: At that price, you would be stupid not to! But seriously, every girl needs a good scarf in her wardrobe.

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