All quiet on the western front

I haven’t been able to tell you all about the cool things I have bought lately because they are all for Christmas presents and I don’t want to ruin any surprises! Suffice to say, most of my recent shopping expeditions are holiday related and, while I love buying, I miss buying stuff for me! Although, I could do what one friend of mine is doing…after buying a bunch of really cool stuff yesterday, she has now decided she loves it all so much that she wants to keep it for herself! Hilarious! Much respect, although she is no closer to being done with her shopping.

I, on the other hand, am just about done.

One thing I have been buying up big on lately is summer rolls from the amazing, and aptly named, Summer Rolls. They are yummy and healthy and conveniently located near my place of employment. They are cheap too, which means more money for presents! At $6.50 for 3 rolls plus sauce you really can’t go wrong. There is a nice range of options too, which means I can change it up every day for some variety (it is the spice of life you know). My favourite is the lemongrass chicken with the peanut satay sauce, although gosh darn I’m so clumsy that I seem to drop the sauce almost every time I get it (embarrassing). Seriously, get into them…they’re yummy AND healthy so you can feel all smug when your colleague comes in carrying a coke and chips and there you are, Miss Healthy 2007.

Price: $6.50
From: Summer Rolls
Why you need it: Yummy and healthy! Win!

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