So you want to be shiny…

If you are retarded with makeup, like me, then you have come to the right place. I’m so hopeless with makeup that I try to do sultry, sexy eyes and end up looking like I have been punched in the face. Blush = clown. Lipstick = dribbling down my chin. If, however, you are good with makeup, then I’ll let you keep reading anyway, because even a klutz like me could introduce you to a product that could change your life.

Cue ‘That Gal’.

My latest and greatest find comes from the benefit counter (via Sephora…oh how I love Sephora). It’s some pink gunk in a twist up little tube that you slap all over your face and it makes you all shiny and dewy and lovely and then it’s really easy to put on your foundation/tinted SPF. It literally is That Easy. Twist tube, wipe on face. Suddenly you’re beautiful (not that you weren’t already, sugar) and everything you put on over the top of it stays put for hours while keeping you all soft and luscious at the same time. You get that natural ‘I just spent some time in the bedroom’ look without having to mess up your hair (since no-one actually gets their sexy bed hair from being in a real bed). Miracle product? I think so. But don’t just take my word for it…

Price: AUD$51 or US$27
From: AUS – Myer or DJs or US – Benefit/Sephora
Why you need it: so you look all lovely and glam without putting any effort in. Minimal fuss, maximum benefit (get it?!)

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