It’s all about me!

Ahh Christmas. It means even more excuses to go shopping. Funnily enough, I always go out with a list of things to buy other people and only seem to come home with things for myself. One for you, two for me!

So, as usual, I’m hunting for things for Boyfriend and Sister and end up finding a bunch of stuff I love. You’ve all seen the ‘boys are stupid, throw rocks at them’ cartoon by Todd Goldman. Todd has over 5,000 designs that he has slapped on t-shirts, pyjamas, hoodies and all manner of accessories, which can be found at I was blown away with the awesomeness (not a real word?) of his stores The Stupid Factory over in the States, so was incredibly delighted to discover the site ships internationally (woohoo! are you listening Sephora?), and they promise 4-6 business days with UPS tracking. Rare.

For myself, a couple of lovely light pj sets for summer (‘Spooning Leads To Forking’ and ‘I’m A Hoot’), for Sister ‘It’s All About Me’ (incredibly appropriate) and ‘You Rock, You Rule’ pjs and for Boyfriend ‘Duck Duck Goose World Champion’ shirt.

You can spend hours browsing through the site, laughing at all the cute cartoons. and it’s almost guaranteed you can find something for everyone you know. I know I did, although I mainly bought stuff for me.

Price: The accessories start from as cheap as US$1.00, unfortunately UPS international shipping is very expensive (think upwards of $40 if you’re buying clothes)
From: David and Goliath tees or The Stupid Factory (in the US)
Why you need it: Perfect for that personalised gift with a touch of humour. Plus, this stuff isn’t widely available in Aus so you’ll be original.

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