And now your good deed for the week…

I love to buy stuff. Things and objects give me great joy. But every now and then I find something wonderful to spend my money on that, while I don’t have anything to take home and play with at the end of the day, still gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

After much coercing, one of my friends in the office decided to do his bit for charity and grow a mo. Movember is all about raising awareness of mens health issues by having some fun (usually at the growee’s expense) while getting cash for prostate cancer and male depression – both very serious and worthy causes. It was an honour to sponsor him and we have had endless laughs with his Mo Is Me newsletter that he sends around every few days, with ‘growth update’ photos and his wifes annoyance factor on a scale of one to ten.

I’ll save him the embarrasment of publishing his photo on here, but about a week ago I did send around an email entitled ‘separated at birth’, saying that one of the men pictured is the most famous cocaine dealer in the world and the other is Pablo Escobar. Many dirty gringo jokes ensued.

To all the brave souls who sacrificed their looks and comfort for a month of fuzz on the face…I salute you!

Price: However much you feel is suitable, but be generous! Remember, anything over $2 is tax deductible
From: The Movember website – either sponsor someone you know or make a donation
Why you need it: Mens health issues are just as important as womens!

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