Always read the PDS before investing…

Stuff That I Bought is a personal blog written by Elise Phillips.

I occasionally receive products from beauty brands and public relations companies, as well as being invited to product launches and information seminars. These products and services are graciously submitted to me for consideration on

Complimentary products, services and samples will never influence what I write on my blog. I only write about products that I have used and enjoyed, and would be comfortable recommending to my friends. If a product submitted to me does not meet this requirement, I will not write about it.

As STIB is a personal blog, all of the opinions, commentary and bad jokes come directly from me. Most of the reviews are positive, because I am a positive person and would much rather write about things that you should buy, rather than things that you shouldn’t. All of the opinions on this site are honest assessments of the product or service in question, regardless of whether I have paid for them or not.

STIB does not guarantee reviews for submitted products or services. I am not paid to write reviews on this site. I write this site as a hobby to share my passion for discovering new products and making poor puns.

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